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UP™   Story

UP Design combines fine art and playfulness through its unique and handmade leather handbags. With an appeal toward harmony and balance, UP’s unique dolphin logo was designed to symbolize the creative life energy present within all of life.

My inspiration was drawn from the grace and the intelligence of  dolphins and translated into high-quality, daring, and original handmade leather handbags. My love for high-quality fashion began with my experience working as a fashion designer. I studied at the International Business School where I enriched my perspective on business, fashion, and luxury while simultaneously diving deep into spiritual awareness, music, piano and photography.

Being able to showcase my devotion to all of these subjects within my designs is what I believe sets UP apart. I also truly love scuba diving and am completely captivated by the endlessness of the seas, the home of the world’s most magnificent species – dolphins. 

It is the dolphins’ UPlifting spirit, overwhelming joy, and pure energy that have inspired these unique handbags.

While carrying an UP bag, the dolphins in the logo will raise your energetic level.

UP handbags are made of carefully selected, premium Italian leather and are designed to lift you UP into positive thinking and personal growth. They are specially designed and crafted for the woman who enjoys a blend of fine art, premium quality, uniqueness, and comfort. With a sense of style, pops of color and durability, UP handbags are not only beautiful but also practical. Each piece also carries a story hidden in its name. 

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